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World-leading radio engineering solutions

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Preeminent Broadcast Engineering 

Bert Goldman is one of the world's leading radio engineers, with over 40 years of experience in broadcast engineering, construction and management. His specialties include technical upgrades, FCC applications, and RF construction management. 


Services Include: 

  • Broadcast Facility Evaluation

  • Population Coverage Studies

  • Due Diligence Analysis 

  • FCC Applications 

  • Broadcast microwave applications

  • AM Method of Moments Proof of Performance

  • FAA Applications

  • Signal Analysis, theoretical and field measurement

  • Booster Design and Analysis

  • Multiple Station Design (diplexed AM / combined FM)

  • FM Antenna Optimization

  • Broadcast Site Power & Telecom Analysis

  • Studio Design

  • Engineering Management (e.g. budgets, personnel, goals and objectives)

  • Troubleshooting and Emergency Engineering Service


Bert Goldman - President








Bert is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE), and is an associate member of the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers (AFCCE). 



Bert Goldman has over 40 years of experience working in markets around the world. In his years of experience, he has directly managed radio engineering for ABC/Disney Radio Division, First Broadcasting, Nationwide Communications, Shamrock Broadcasting and more. 

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