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Goldman Engineering Management LLC provides complete engineering solutions for radio stations of all sizes, for projects big and small. 

From Concept to Completion


In today’s complex technical and regulatory world, it’s hard to know where to turn for a comprehensive look at your technical facility. What can be done to make sure that you are providing the best possible signal coverage for the area you are targeting? How to understand and manage FCC rules and policies to maximize your station’s potential?


Goldman Engineering Management takes a full system approach to make sure that your facility is maximized. Whereas many engineering firms only look at one aspect of the upgrade, we look at all aspects that can bring added value to you as the owner, including:


  1. Moving tower sites to release the value of underlying property.

  2. Consolidating tower sites or relocating to improve coverage or reduce operating costs.

  3. Adding boosters to maximize coverage.

  4. Considerations for accommodations to upgrade your station or even added value for your station to accommodate another station.

       …and many more



If we are able to identify an improvement, we can work with you to determine if the plan developed makes good business sense. We will generate a cost vs. benefit analysis with real world numbers.


Finally, we will work as your advocate to file all necessary FCC paperwork, acquire tower sites if necessary and then build the facility using either our in-house people or our extensive network of engineers, construction personnel, and other associates. As the client, you can have as much or as little involvement as you’d like, but always knowing that we are acting in your best interests.


AM, the Dying Art


Goldman Engineering Managment is one of the few companies that still believe in AM, and AM improvements is one of our specialties. If you are an AM station owner, you may have noticed over the years that your station doesn’t cover your market like it used to, or perhaps you’ve bought a station that doesn’t perform as advertised. We can often help solve your problems and, using the same “Concept to Completion” process, we can unlock service and value for your station that you may never have thought possible.

Some of our services include: 


  • Broadcast Facility Evaluation

  • Population Coverage Studies

  • Due Diligence Analysis 

  • FCC Applications 

  • Broadcast microwave applications

  • AM Method of Moments Proof of Performance

  • FAA Applications

  • Signal Analysis, theoretical and field measurement

  • Booster Design and Analysis

  • Multiple Station Design (diplexed AM / combined FM)

  • FM Antenna Optimization

  • Broadcast Site Power & Telecom Analysis

  • Studio Design

  • Engineering Management (e.g. budgets, personnel, goals and objectives)

  • Troubleshooting and Emergency Engineering Service

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